Sunday, June 28, 2009

We took Bo to church today. He had a different little outfit on, but there was an explosion right before we left. So this is actually his back up outfit, but whatever.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Thayne Bowen Barker

He's here!!!
His name is Thayne Bowen Barker, I call him Bo.
He weighed 8lbs. 12oz. & measured 21.25 inches long!
I'm in love!
These pictures are backwards in order,
but I'm too tired to redo it.

5 days old
Family Picture

After 24 hours of labor...I was so tired.

Sweet slimmy baby

The best feeling in the world, holding that baby for the first time.
I was scheduled to be induced Monday night, but my water broke on it's own
Sunday night and he got here Tuesday June 9 @ 12:10AM.
Bo is the sweetest little cuddler. He's doing so well. J.D. is the best dad. He helps with everything all the time and he loves that baby and me.
I'm trying to survive these first few post delivery weeks!
Being a mom is messy, weepy and wonderful!