Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My little girl, a woman.

Roxy went into heat today. I'll skip the details. But she's a woman! Now I just need to keep the boys away, it'll be tough...she's her mothers daughter. :)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

This week

Jessica, Troy and family came down this week. It was fun to have Lydia running around and Jonah making faces. Cute babies. Lydia loves to tell me and Heather that her favorite aunt is aunt Ali. Silly girl. J.D. wore his shirt that has Ryan Gardners face on it today and Lydia looked at it and said, 'is that your friend?'. I don't know if he wore that another time we saw Lydia and J.D. told her that or if she recognized Ryan, because she's met him before and was scared because of his beard.

The D-back game was a blast tonight, it was 80's night, Gonzo was visiting, we won, and Misty Mae from the Olymics was there, and she showed her Gold medal! It was awesome. Ryan and Kristina were there too, not sitting with us but we met up with them after. Good times.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Honest to Blog?!

Welcome back to my 'perfect life' that is about to be interupted by 'real life' we just got back from the the moon...or the honeymoon that is. The cruise was great, it was my first one. I can't wait to convince my parents & family to do a group one soon. The food is all free/included, so even though it wasnt very good...we ate alot. But my jeans are loose, so I'm happy. They played a few movies over and over on the T.V. in our room including JUNO so I can almost quote it as well as I quote Steel Magnolias. There were a couple funny comedians for evening entertainment and we ate with a bunch of hillbillys who were almost as entertaining. Probably the most entertaining dinner was watching the table next to us go from talking/laughing to tears in 15 seconds. It was strange. I mean, 4/6 of them had tears, one man was saying something about his father...soon the matre-de came to see if everything was alright and invited them to join the earlier seating group for the remainder of the cruise. Weirdos!!! J.D. spent some time looking for a G-SHOCK watch before the cruise. I teased him, but it was a smart move! We went snorkling in Cozumel. The watch is all water resistant so we weren't super panicy about time getting back to the ship. We snorkled for a good 1 1/2!! I saw SO much, the water was crystal clear. We saw a HUGE school of fish and while were watching a baracuda starting going after it. It was really neat. Later we saw an octopus!!! It inked! It was super cute. All the other fish and coral were awesome too. We didn't have much time in the Grand Caymans, but we got some quality beach time and the water was nice. The best part of the cruise might be the fact that As The World Turns was on at 3:00 everyday and we were usually taking a nap at that time, so it worked out. This morning when we got our bill we there was an accidental charge at a photo booth. J.D. went down to get it cleared up. They said it was from my card at 3:00 the prior day, he's like...uhh...that's not possible. :) I wasn't sea sick at all, in fact I rarely felt the boat move! On the other hand, during our leg from Chi town to Tampa after a 4 hour unexpected layover, we went through a thunderstorm, there was a lot of turbulance and on top of the a person or a small child must have pooped their pants. I looked at J.D. and told him I was sick. He handed me the bag and I totally puked. I'm sure the 'flaver chemist' sitting next to me was annoyed. That's right, flavor chemist. The man to my right on the plane is a 'flavor chemist' aparently there are only 600 in his profession in the world. He helped create diet lime and lots of tropicana flavors. He was interesting. The cruise was awesome, it was nice to have week together, Im flying to Dallas for work TOMORROW and I miss him already! (J.D., not the flavor chemist.)