Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A _ _ _ _ changes everything.

I can't think about anything else to blog about!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

When I got back from my trip to Winslow, J.D. had the crib set up. Bo has been sleeping in my top dresser drawer for the last 3 1/2 months. (joke) The cradle that my parents got when I was born held little Bo since he was born, but he's huge now so he's in his own room in a big boy crib. He likes to throw his feet up high and slam them down. Sometimes I know he's awake because I hear that.

I keep telling him "stop being so cute!" But he's stubborn like his momma.

Clearly he found his toes. And he started rolling over from his back to tummy. A few weeks ago he did the opposite, but it was really an accident. He just really didn't want to be on his tummy. He hates exercising. Just like his momma.

UNLIKE his momma, he looks like his dadda! 1/20 people say he looks like me. I see J.D. like most people.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"Toe Pick!"

I’ve got a pedicure at different places every 2 - 6 weeks for the past 5-6 years. I rarely cut my own toenails, I just let the ladies do it. Shortly after one in August, I got an ingrown toenail, I picked at it for a while then left it alone..then picked at it then it got worse. It was waking me up in the night because it touched the bed or the sheets it hurt (it was that tender!) so I had to sleep on my tummy with my ankles cross. So annoying since I just spent the better part of 9 months struggle to find comfortable ways to sleep. During these weeks Bo sleep SO well during the night, has been going to sleep between 8-9:30 then waking up between 5-7 and going back to sleep til 8-9! Which is awesome, but I still woke up every few hours because of my toe. It got worse and worse so when I went to Winslow mid September I went to Dr. Travis Reber (who by the way is easy on the eyes) He numbed my whole toe and cut that whole side of my toenail. It looks terrible but feels awesome!!! It was such a relief. A couple days before I went it my OTHER big toe felt tender when I walked, I had him look at that one, but it looked fine. Now, 2 weeks later, it’s totally curved in and hurting, AND my 2nd toe (the one next to the big toe…do these suckers have names besides the one who got roast beef and the one who ran away?) is growing inward as well! My toes are driving me crazy. These are my FIRST ingrown toenails and I have 3...who does that?! It makes me think since I still to this day and I’m 26 have never had a cavity, when I do I’m going to have a mouthful. I was doing good doing my workout video everyday before I couldn’t put shoes on anymore, now I haven’t been doing anything active and I have 25lbs to loose so I can fit in my pre pregnancy wardrobe! Isn’t nursing suppose to help you loose weight? Because I can’t imagine what I would weight if I wasn’t nursing. I created a throw away pile at the top of the stairs this week (old lamp shade, broken laundry basket, a box from snowboarding shoes that has been in my way for a year, a cocking gun that works I’m sure but I just want to throw it away because it is awkwardly large and I don’t want to look at) also in this pile was the scale. J.D. took it all to the dumpster tonight and said “Are you really throwing this scale away?“ I said yes. It MUST be broken. Then I thought to myself. Or it’s really mean. Speaking of throwing things out I’m still obsessively nesting, apparently I got addicted to it. Everytime the baby is sleeping I run to start a project and try to finish it before he wakes up, if he wakes up before I finish I entertain him til his next nap and go finish up. I lay awake thinking of if I should move the plates and cups to a different cupboard…if I should go through and take extra stuff to savors…and while I’m there I wonder if I could find nightstands better than the ones I have…then what is in these nightstands? I should clean them out too…I’m not sure if like where they are right now….should I rearrange the room. Ah. The tv. That’s the only place for the tv. Unless we get a flat screen for the other wall. That would be nice but we’re on a budget, that wouldn’t be smart to spend $500 on a tv when we need to plan for the next year or so on one income. Then, should we have bought the 50+inch flat screen? Was that stupid? We could have been wiser. But it makes J.D. happy. But now we have to have HD channels, which are awesome, but they are an extra $18/mo from Cox and I just got the Cox bill down to $60, all of the sudden it’s $130 again…how did that happen when 60 + 18 is NOT 130. What other bills can I cut? Did I pay all the bills this month?
Ouch. My toe. Blah.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Running in place :)

I sometimes video the baby in the morning, because he's so happy it cracks me up! This time when I turned in on he was kickin like crazy. A healthy diet and excercise. That's how he's grown to be 26 inches long and 17 pounds in a short 3 months.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

It has been too long since I've let my 8 blog readers whats new in Mama Barker world. And in case you don't read my status updates on facebook every 8 hours...Enjoy! These pictures are in no order, and I have to try to do this quick while Bo is taking a nap. :)

Our neice Lexi came to stay with us for few days. She was a big helper. So good of a helper she asked me 'Why do you always tell me what to do?' Poor thing. We played Candyland, Barbies, colored her Dora coloring book, watched Cinderella and Matilda over and over again, traced letters and read books. She helped me change diapers, played quiet when Bo was sleeping and took care of Roxy, or as she calls her "Rocks" Hey Rocks, whatcha doing? Rocks, move! Rocks go downstairs! :)

LOL, one day during Alexa's visit J.D. took her swimming while I took Bo to JCPennys to get his pictures taken. We wore both the kids out! We took them with us to run errands on Saturday evening and Bo fell asleep right when we got in the car like he usually does. Lexi was right behind him. We got to Costco and she would not wake up so J.D. put her in the cart. Neither of them moved an inch the whole Costco trip. Everyone was making comments like "how cute, look at that, somebody's tired, now THATS how you take the kids to the store!" They fell asleep around 7pm and Lexi didn't wake up til 8:30am!

Lexi 'holding' Bo. He's almost too big for her to hold anymore! But this little position works! And look how helpful she is with the Binki!

Taking a walk...

My little baseball player. Or so his dad hopes.

Jessica & family came for a few days when Bo was blessed. Now when I talk to Lydia on the phone she says 'lemme talk ta Baby Bo! Hi baby Bo...hi! hi! Watcha doin?! Huh baby Bo? " :)
Even Jonah says 'Ba Bo' So cute.

This picture cracks me up. Lydia was wearing a dinasaur bath towel after her bath. J.D. was trying to tell her to roar like a dinasaur.

I so try to do tumy time with him everyday, but he so hates it :) I just noticed my feet over there on the right, how did I take this picture :)

We love it when friends come to visit. One night Ryan and Kara (recently engaged!) came over for dinner and to play games. Ryan plays well with others :) Roxy thinks J.D. is 'base'.

We were so lucky to have Grandma Lo Lo (Laurie) here for Bo's birth and blessing. She's awesome! We can't wait to go to Maryland for Thanksgiving!

Every once in a while I'll go up the street to Dawn's and hang out. We call Dawn Bo's girlfriend. When I was in labor Dawn came to see me. When she got there, Bo's heart rate started going up. When she left, it went back down. So now we like to say he has a crush on her. Who doesn't, she's a pretty girl!

We went up to Winslow when J.D. needed some teeth worked on. Roxy watched over Bo for the first half of the trip. The second half, I had a bulldog head on my lap and the baby was holding my finger.

And last but not least, we took Bo to his first Diamondbacks game when Aunt Vicki and Uncle Darrel were in town. We were able to show off the cute little outfit Aunt Pam and Aunt Lori got him!
It's been a great 3 months since the baby got here! I'm really enjoying staying home with him. We are on a great schedule that works for both of us. I'm doing a lot of cleaning and organizing when he's taking naps. He's starting to laugh a lot lately, it's so so fun to watch him grow!
I love my little family, and my big family - Bo is lucky to have so many fun Aunts and Uncles/ Grandparents and cousins!
I'm just glad there is finally someone who enjoys my 'singing'. :)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

We took Bo to church today. He had a different little outfit on, but there was an explosion right before we left. So this is actually his back up outfit, but whatever.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Thayne Bowen Barker

He's here!!!
His name is Thayne Bowen Barker, I call him Bo.
He weighed 8lbs. 12oz. & measured 21.25 inches long!
I'm in love!
These pictures are backwards in order,
but I'm too tired to redo it.

5 days old
Family Picture

After 24 hours of labor...I was so tired.

Sweet slimmy baby

The best feeling in the world, holding that baby for the first time.
I was scheduled to be induced Monday night, but my water broke on it's own
Sunday night and he got here Tuesday June 9 @ 12:10AM.
Bo is the sweetest little cuddler. He's doing so well. J.D. is the best dad. He helps with everything all the time and he loves that baby and me.
I'm trying to survive these first few post delivery weeks!
Being a mom is messy, weepy and wonderful!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


My camera is downstairs and I've been putting off updating this blog for long enough. The last couple months have been super busy trying to finish up at work, little trips and getting more and more pregnant. So maybe I'll post pics later.

At the end of April J.D. went with my dad, Troy & Seth to Chicago for a 4 game Cubs series. They had so much fun. The highlight of the trip was when J.D. caught a grand slam ball hit by Ryan Theriot. It was his first career grand slam so he wanted the ball back (which J.D. was happy to return), R. Theriot gave him a signed bat, it's really cool. It was a once in a lifetime experience! I was happy he was able to go and that it was so much fun.

I told lots of people that I was going to try out for Wheel of Fortune when they came to Phoenix this year...I love watching and playing from home so I couldn't pass it up! No one was able to go with me so I went alone, no big deal. I made friends in line. But too much standing, not enough food or water for too long and I realized I wasn't going to get called up on stage so I headed for the door. Next thing I knew I was on the ground, someone had a wet cloth on my neck, someone was trying to give me water, calling 911 and asking if I was diebetic. Once I had water I was fine, so was the baby. J.D. came and picked me up and I've been drinking lots of water ever since!

We went on a 'babymoon' a couple weeks ago to San Diego, just the two of us for the last little road trip without kiddos. We stayed at Mission Beach, had breakfast at Konos, layed by the pool and went to dinner. It was nice, I think I slept the whole way home in the back seat.

May 22nd was my last day of work at Reach Local! They had a team lunch for me, it was nice send off and I really appreciated it!

I've been having major swelling the last couple weeks, today was the first day I really kept my feet up for most of the day and its made a huge difference, my feet almost look normal! Cutting back on salt and diet coke, and drinking more water is helping too I'm sure. Whew! I'm ready to hold be done being pregant, 9 months is long enough!

I'm still keeping busy with Miche, and hope to focus on it even more now that I'm a stay at homer.

Hope I still have readers even though I've been blog-MIA for a while. :)


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

31 Weeks!

I haven't updated for a while, I've been busy with work, family, Miche and facebook.
Monday we had a 31 week ultrasound! My doctors office does 3d pics, which is awesome, we can just about see what he looks like already...and yep, he looks just like his dad. Same nose and a little shy. It was so cute when he had his arm over his face. We tryed to get him to move it, but he wasn't having that. We can't really see any hair yet, it looks like he's got some dark eye brows though. I wait to hold him. It won't be long now! I still feel great, besides some sleepless nights and being tired in the pm. His head is down, hopefully he stays that way. I freak out with a paper cut, I'll die if they slice me. Enjoy the pics!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday, March 15, 2009

That's swell!

We got in the car to go to church and J.D. said, so you're not married today? I looked down and realized I forgot to put on my ring. It used to fit perfect but I needed soap and water to get it off last night, then I just obviously forgot this morning. But this ring was in the console (emergency accessories file), it just so happened to match the rest of me, it used to fit on my middle finger, today it was my substitute wedding ring. Whatever works right?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Baby Update

Here's my updated baby bump. I'm in month 6. My belly button isn't pushed out yet, but it's thinking about it. I'm finally noticably prego, where people at the store ask how far along, or if its a boy or girl. J.D. keeps telling me to look at them and say, are you talking to me? what baby? J.D.'s mom, Laurie was in town last week, she spoiled me and the baby at Old Navy, thanks Laurie! Look at these little teeny swim trunks and flip flops she got for baby him.

Friday, March 13, 2009


Last night when J.D. was locking up, turning off lights and getting me a glass of water I was upstairs flipping channels. I stopped on the beginning of Jay Leno, and when I saw this segment I got the giggles, which for me turns into almost hyperventalating, and tears because I'm laughing so hard. My eyes were burning from my running mascara (that'll teach me to wash my face before bed). Anyway...the first clip is the one that really got me. The second one reminded me of the time I was at my little brothers little league game and decided to make a sonic run in my dads truck. I pulled into the spot, ordered, got my drink, then realized I pulled in really crooked so I was going to hit the pole if I didn't manuver it right. After trying and trying I pushed the button on the order board. They asked 'can I help you?' I said 'yes, I need help getting this truck out safely'. The manager came and backed it out in one try. The third one reminded me of when me and Beth Hackler went to wash my car in high school at Woodys in Winslow and the lady in front of us couldn't pull in right and the machine started when she was in there wrong and it kept hitting the back of her car. We were concerned but still laughing. What was funnier was after she was done and we were in there we saw her get in line again! Anyway...enjoy.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I couldn't decide what to blog about but I needed to update. So here are some radom things going on with me.

I gotta stop eating these. I really don't like pizza, but I've been eating a lot of these lately.

J.D. is on a snowboarding trip in Colorado with his family. I had to work so I couldn't go. Roxy has been waiting at the gate.

I needed some sun and it's gorgeous outside so Roxy and went to the pool area. I read a book. She laid in the shade.

I found this table on craigslist for $60 last week.

This was on my phone from when Jessica came down at the end of January to see The Lion King at ASU Gammage. The room was a mess, but the kids make up for it. I love the look on Jonahs face. Oh, and sorry about the camera movement. I was band from being the camera person years ago when we would get home and try to watch a Stars performance and we would all get motion sickness.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Miche Bags!


I got a Miche from my Mother-In-Law for Christmas. I LOVE IT! So much that when I brought it to Arizona from Maryland I started getting compliments right away and people asking 'Where can I get one?' After looking into it, I decided to start selling Miche Bags in Arizona. It's so easy, cute and fun. I can change the look of my bag without taking everything out of it and swithing bags. Instead I switch out the cover, so I can go from conservative black, to a wild giraffe print in the same day!

Would you like to be able to change your purse with every outfit but don’t have time, money for all the bags or a place to store them all? Bring your friends, co-workers, daughters and see how fast, inexpensive and compact the Miche Bag is with over 30 different shells to choose from at Introductory Pricing.

I thought doing a party in Winslow would be a great excuse to see some of my friends I haven't seen forever, and my mom was excited to host it! So I hope my Winslow girls can make it!

Saturday, February 21 @ 2:00 p.m.
Hosted By Teresa Boyd
2201 Painted Desert Dr. Winslow AZ.
Shauna Barker, Authorized Sales Representative
mailto:shaunamariebarker@gmail.com – 602-882-5389

You can see more Miche styles on their website: http://www.michebag.com/
During the month of February when you book a show you will get a
FREE SHELL plus 10% of the party orders towards Miche products.
Interested? Let me know!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Okay, I waited long enough, here are some belly pictures...

I'm the white-est I've been since I was 12.
I think this was on New Years. This is more realistic.

This is a 5 month pic (today).
I've grown a full cup size, which is awesome.
Sitting down.
I've gained 4lbs in 2 months, and I think I've lost some this week. I gained 8 right off the bat, eating all those cheeze-its and bread when I was sick! I'm finally showing enough people can tell and I have my energy back! That doesn't stop me from laying down every chance I get. I'm getting into the fun part of being pregnant!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

We're having a BOY!

We found out this week that we are having a baby boy!! It's so fun knowing. It feels even more real now that we can say he/him. I sure do love him already, I can't believe I'm half way there!
Edit Post: Story about the first picture...I watched him take his arm and put it above his head like it is, which was cute. Then, since he had his legs crossed she started pushing my stomach trying to startle him so he would she us 'what' he is. I was dying because I had to have a full bladder for ultra sound and I had to tell the lady she was not helping me hold it! I'm glad I have the memory captured with a picture.