Sunday, November 30, 2008


So over the last couple weeks, smells make me gag..comes with the territory I know. But that makes doing the dishes suck even more than usual. So in all laziness I threw away a few leftovers that were over a week old, one was pretty old, it was hiding in the back. Then it got easier and easier to chuck stuff in the container instead of dumping it and washing it. Needless to say, while I had a plethora of Tupperware 6 weeks ago, I have ZERO now. I need one for the cookies I just made...and I don't have ONE Tupperware. The only thing good that comes from this is all these extra lids lying around are going to get tossed and I don't even feel bad because they have no bodies. Jeez. What am I going to do with these cookies?...just eat them all right now? :) OH YEAH, that's what Ziploc bags are for! In fact I'm just going to start putting leftovers in Ziploc bags, no matter what it is. Chicken, spaghetti, pork chops...all ziplocable. If we didn't cook for 6-8 instead of 2 we wouldn't have this problem but whatever.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


She's back to normal today. She's only crying at the gate til J.D. gets home, which is normal. Silly girl. (her AND me) :)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Poor baby...

I took Roxy in to get spayed this morning. She was so cute trying to play with the other dogs and cats while we were waiting. She got on the scale and she weighs 48 pounds! For some reason I thought she was in the 30's. I got big tears in my eyes (I don't know why) I just can't believe how much she's grown since we got her! J.D.'s co-worker has a friend who is one of the vets at the clinic so J.D. had her check up a few times today, of course it was fine...they do this all the time...Roxy isn't the first one. She's had utters since her first heat in September, which is why we dressed her as a cow for Halloween. I should have asked them to give her a lift while she was in there! They told me when they took her that because of her breed it might be more complicated so she would go first, which meant I got to pick her up first! I got there at 3pm. When they brought her out her tounge was half out and she was SO tired she could barely walk, again my eyes filled up with tears, because I'm retarded. In fact she took a little break in the parking lot 15 feet away from the car. She cried all the way home, still with her tounge out. I couldn't get her out of the car, now that I know she almost weighs 50 pounds...if I still thought she weighed 32 it would be different. It didn't matter she walked out of the car okay and used the tiles on the grass like she always does. When we got inside she went straight to her bed and has been sleeping/crying in her sleep for over an hour, and I have a big lump in my throat. I'm a little emotional today.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

HELLOOOO...November 5th!

I guess we knew when the Washington Redskins lost last night that a republican wouldn't move to 1600 Pennsylvania in January...but it still hurt a little tonight. Jessica text'd me and said she's 'moving to Mexico'...J.D. suggested Australia, I told him no..there are too many girls with blond hair and green eyes, his weakness. :) This country is resilient. It's idiot-proof. He can't do anything that we can't fix later. We're just taking a few steps backwards...or as I like to say...Barackwards.

I'm glad 102 passed! I love the comments on following the article...whinny little babies, thank you for giving us Mormon's credit by the way...we deserve it we worked hard for that, um because it's important.

Joe Arpaio won! I'm sure the Republic is happy about that!...not! (I like Joe) Shadegg won, J.D. likes him a lot. I just don't like Bob Lord, I just kept noticing all his signs outside of church's and I thought it was just too ironic. That's like totally taking His name in vain. Come on now.

I'm also glad the election is over! It's like planning for a big party, whether everyone shows up or they go to a different the end of the night you clean up and go to bed.

I'm learning something right now, I'm still in the this may sound a little premature/immature/armature...but This... 'insert issue aka the election' - doesn't define me.

PS. One of my friends family all mails their early ballots and goes to Disneyland on Election Day every four years. No lines! No stress! I think its a great idea!