Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Running in place :)

I sometimes video the baby in the morning, because he's so happy it cracks me up! This time when I turned in on he was kickin like crazy. A healthy diet and excercise. That's how he's grown to be 26 inches long and 17 pounds in a short 3 months.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

It has been too long since I've let my 8 blog readers whats new in Mama Barker world. And in case you don't read my status updates on facebook every 8 hours...Enjoy! These pictures are in no order, and I have to try to do this quick while Bo is taking a nap. :)

Our neice Lexi came to stay with us for few days. She was a big helper. So good of a helper she asked me 'Why do you always tell me what to do?' Poor thing. We played Candyland, Barbies, colored her Dora coloring book, watched Cinderella and Matilda over and over again, traced letters and read books. She helped me change diapers, played quiet when Bo was sleeping and took care of Roxy, or as she calls her "Rocks" Hey Rocks, whatcha doing? Rocks, move! Rocks go downstairs! :)

LOL, one day during Alexa's visit J.D. took her swimming while I took Bo to JCPennys to get his pictures taken. We wore both the kids out! We took them with us to run errands on Saturday evening and Bo fell asleep right when we got in the car like he usually does. Lexi was right behind him. We got to Costco and she would not wake up so J.D. put her in the cart. Neither of them moved an inch the whole Costco trip. Everyone was making comments like "how cute, look at that, somebody's tired, now THATS how you take the kids to the store!" They fell asleep around 7pm and Lexi didn't wake up til 8:30am!

Lexi 'holding' Bo. He's almost too big for her to hold anymore! But this little position works! And look how helpful she is with the Binki!

Taking a walk...

My little baseball player. Or so his dad hopes.

Jessica & family came for a few days when Bo was blessed. Now when I talk to Lydia on the phone she says 'lemme talk ta Baby Bo! Hi baby Bo...hi! hi! Watcha doin?! Huh baby Bo? " :)
Even Jonah says 'Ba Bo' So cute.

This picture cracks me up. Lydia was wearing a dinasaur bath towel after her bath. J.D. was trying to tell her to roar like a dinasaur.

I so try to do tumy time with him everyday, but he so hates it :) I just noticed my feet over there on the right, how did I take this picture :)

We love it when friends come to visit. One night Ryan and Kara (recently engaged!) came over for dinner and to play games. Ryan plays well with others :) Roxy thinks J.D. is 'base'.

We were so lucky to have Grandma Lo Lo (Laurie) here for Bo's birth and blessing. She's awesome! We can't wait to go to Maryland for Thanksgiving!

Every once in a while I'll go up the street to Dawn's and hang out. We call Dawn Bo's girlfriend. When I was in labor Dawn came to see me. When she got there, Bo's heart rate started going up. When she left, it went back down. So now we like to say he has a crush on her. Who doesn't, she's a pretty girl!

We went up to Winslow when J.D. needed some teeth worked on. Roxy watched over Bo for the first half of the trip. The second half, I had a bulldog head on my lap and the baby was holding my finger.

And last but not least, we took Bo to his first Diamondbacks game when Aunt Vicki and Uncle Darrel were in town. We were able to show off the cute little outfit Aunt Pam and Aunt Lori got him!
It's been a great 3 months since the baby got here! I'm really enjoying staying home with him. We are on a great schedule that works for both of us. I'm doing a lot of cleaning and organizing when he's taking naps. He's starting to laugh a lot lately, it's so so fun to watch him grow!
I love my little family, and my big family - Bo is lucky to have so many fun Aunts and Uncles/ Grandparents and cousins!
I'm just glad there is finally someone who enjoys my 'singing'. :)