Tuesday, April 14, 2009

31 Weeks!

I haven't updated for a while, I've been busy with work, family, Miche and facebook.
Monday we had a 31 week ultrasound! My doctors office does 3d pics, which is awesome, we can just about see what he looks like already...and yep, he looks just like his dad. Same nose and a little shy. It was so cute when he had his arm over his face. We tryed to get him to move it, but he wasn't having that. We can't really see any hair yet, it looks like he's got some dark eye brows though. I wait to hold him. It won't be long now! I still feel great, besides some sleepless nights and being tired in the pm. His head is down, hopefully he stays that way. I freak out with a paper cut, I'll die if they slice me. Enjoy the pics!