Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Last weekend J.D. and I went to Pagosa Springs, CO.

His grandparents lived there for the last 7 years, they recently moved to Texas.

They miss it so much and I can see why, it's beautiful! When they told us they were visiting Pagosa we decided to join them.

They needed some help cleaning out a storage unit they still have a lot of stuff in from the move. We went shopping downtown, played cards, went hot tubbing and of course watched the presidential debate and talked about politics all weekend. :)

Ryan watched Roxy when we were gone,

thank goodness shes a good girl and we have good friends.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

This summer we had a Boyd family reunion in Vegas. (Doesn't this look like Vegas?) It was fun. I found these pictures today so I thought I'd toss em up on the blog before I forget.
Set...hike! yeah, we didn't know what we were doing...we just posed for the camera for 10 minutes.

Papa Boyd

The heartbeat of the family, Papa Boyd got a fancy car this year! He deserves it.

Our nephew Trey Scott, he's going to be famous.

My neice Lydia Rae (2 1/2) and nephew Jonah Wyld (5 months).

I love these babies.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


You're thinking things aren't easy to read on my page because of the color skeem...I don't know how to change the colors on this thing. Myspace is the only social network I have figured out. Heather, if you could hack into this thing and make it better...DO IT!

And I ended up on a bunch of fun peoples blogs tonight, people I haven't seen for a long time, it was awesome.

I'm watching Chelsea Lately. I love her.

A typical week night at the Boyd's

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A typical week night at the Boyd's

So today at dinner:I had apple juice and dad tells me not to bring my urine sample to the dinner table. It was so funny. Then I told him about heather and her 3 continents, and how you thought mexico was a continent. That was funny too. Then we started talking about Shauna and Erin going to the Kelly Clarkson concert, and dads says "I know who she is" and starts singing "JESUS, TAKE THE WHEEEEEEL." and heather and I start laughing and we're like, no dad. Since U been gone, you know that one and he goes "Oh yeah! SINCE U BEEN GONE, I CAN BREATHE FOR THE FIIIIRST TIME." (with help from heather). It was also funny. Then I started drinking my apple juice. And I notice him eyeing me. And he says "That's so gross." And I tried not to laugh cuz I had my mouth full of apple juice. I couldn't help it, I started busting up. Apple Juice went ALL OVER my plate. Luckily, I was finished. I was laughing soo hard I was crying. I couldn't stop. It was HILARIOUS.

Ali - my lil' sis'

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Baby Cop

Caution: some swearing in the beginning. But worth it in the end.

See more Will Ferrell videos at Funny or Die


Tonight we went to Rubios for a salad, (and ended up getting a taco too because I'm what we call a 'fatty'). It had to have been 50 degrees in there. The tips of my hair were almost icicles. I was eating as fast as I could so we could get out of there. I kept glancing at the door, thinking can I just go stand out there, just for a few seconds? It's 97 degrees out there, 50 - 55 in here. BLOWS my mind how much of a difference. I love phoenix, really i can't think of a BETTER place to live. But in some ways I have to believe its as cold as Minisotta in the summer because apparently business owners dont read the manual on their Trane air conditioning unit.

While we're on the subject, last week in church there was a man in his 40's or 50's holding a sleeping one year old walking around the room before sunday school started. He was holding a device that was not a cell phone, ipod etc. I was interested/could care less. J.D. and I were in our seats waiting for everyone to settle in. Then I hear the man with the baby and the device telling the older ladies which spots of the room were 5-6 degrees warmer than the ones they were sitting in. Of course the smart women grabbed their scriptures and sweaters and changed seats before the rest of the hethens filed in. I need to get me one of those. Air conditioners need a button that says 'comfortable'. Then people just need to stop trying to be the expert and just hit the button.

Im loosing my mind tonight. Actually, its thawing out is all. I'll be okay in the morning.