Tuesday, May 26, 2009


My camera is downstairs and I've been putting off updating this blog for long enough. The last couple months have been super busy trying to finish up at work, little trips and getting more and more pregnant. So maybe I'll post pics later.

At the end of April J.D. went with my dad, Troy & Seth to Chicago for a 4 game Cubs series. They had so much fun. The highlight of the trip was when J.D. caught a grand slam ball hit by Ryan Theriot. It was his first career grand slam so he wanted the ball back (which J.D. was happy to return), R. Theriot gave him a signed bat, it's really cool. It was a once in a lifetime experience! I was happy he was able to go and that it was so much fun.

I told lots of people that I was going to try out for Wheel of Fortune when they came to Phoenix this year...I love watching and playing from home so I couldn't pass it up! No one was able to go with me so I went alone, no big deal. I made friends in line. But too much standing, not enough food or water for too long and I realized I wasn't going to get called up on stage so I headed for the door. Next thing I knew I was on the ground, someone had a wet cloth on my neck, someone was trying to give me water, calling 911 and asking if I was diebetic. Once I had water I was fine, so was the baby. J.D. came and picked me up and I've been drinking lots of water ever since!

We went on a 'babymoon' a couple weeks ago to San Diego, just the two of us for the last little road trip without kiddos. We stayed at Mission Beach, had breakfast at Konos, layed by the pool and went to dinner. It was nice, I think I slept the whole way home in the back seat.

May 22nd was my last day of work at Reach Local! They had a team lunch for me, it was nice send off and I really appreciated it!

I've been having major swelling the last couple weeks, today was the first day I really kept my feet up for most of the day and its made a huge difference, my feet almost look normal! Cutting back on salt and diet coke, and drinking more water is helping too I'm sure. Whew! I'm ready to hold be done being pregant, 9 months is long enough!

I'm still keeping busy with Miche, and hope to focus on it even more now that I'm a stay at homer.

Hope I still have readers even though I've been blog-MIA for a while. :)