Sunday, July 27, 2008


Could this weekend have anymore perfect? We left Friday for San Diego, stopped in El Centro to get a California marriage license where I dropped of my Romero and picked up a cute little Barker...I couldn't resist. :) Once we got to the hotel I rushed to get ready. I wore my hair straight, Melissa helped me get the kinks out. I put my dress on and felt amazing! J.D. came to my room to pick me up wearing tan linen pants and a bright white linen button up shirt wearing sunglasses and flip flop...BABY he looked amazing! We headed to Pacific Beach, my entourage followed (Jess, Liss & Ali). We took pictures in the last hour and a half of daylight available. Nick is so talented and made it such a fun/special experience. It helps that I'm a ham and J.D. is a stud. Saturday morning Heather went and got breakfast for the girls and J.D. took all the guys to Konos, a breakfast place right on the beach where his family goes a lot when they vacation in the area. I spent the morning repacking, playing with Jessicas babies and getting ready for the big day! At 2:00 My parents took J.D. and I to the San Diego temple. I can still feel what I felt when I was there. It was peaceful and sweet. At the ceremony: Grandma & Grandpa Thayne, Aunt Vicki, Jessica & Troy, Heather & Matt, My parents and J.D.'s mom. When we walked out of the temple little Lydia ran up and hugged me, it was super cute. We took family pictures in front of the temple then headed over to California Pizza Kitchen. I hope everybody who was there had a good time. It was everything we hoped for and we appreciate everyones support.

Currently we are in the San Diego Airport, my bag was 10lbs over so we had rearrage, but we did it all without having to throw out my 2 liters of bed head shampoo...whew!! Our flight is 1 hour delayed and didn't have time to pick our seats yesterday and now there are none available together. I might have to turn on my charm in a minute to see what we can do. We will be in Tampa tonight and on the ship Monday!

I love my' the best!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Squirt Gun Wedding.

Usually when someone is going to terminate a lease, they give 30 quit a job, typically 2 weeks..but how about 2 weeks notice for a wedding? :) J.D. and I got our letters from SLC on Monday July 14. We were so excited, I don't think I've stopped smiling since! Because of our schedules we decided to get married July 26! I went out and found JUST the dress I wanted in the first store, the first dress I tried on!! I took it right to my seamstress aka mircale maxine. The next day I picked out a bouqet, scheduled the temple and bishop interviews and here we are 2 days away! And people plan for YEARS for weddings? :) On top of all that my friend Shauna Richardson threw me a bridal shower and some of my closest friends came to say was so nice! A couple people at work who don't know me very well asked quietly if it was a shotgun wedding. I'd like to call it a squirt gun wedding. It's not so intimidating, harsh or negitive. It's a good refreshing thing!!...(and it's summertime). J.D. also referred to it as 'planned eloping'.

We are getting married in the San Diego Temple on Saturday July 26th @ 3PM. Honeymooning on a Western Carribean Cruise to the Grand Caymans and Cozumel (thank you Laurie!)

Thank you friends and family for being so good to J.D. and I. xoxo

Shauna & J.D. Barker

Sunday, July 6, 2008

First Blog

I'm new to this, still peeking at other blogs to get the gist.
I'm not ashamed to admit I am an idea stealer, story tie stealer and pen stealer. I like watching my recorded soap when I get home after work and I'm often reminded 'they are not real people, no matter how screwy Paul Ryan is, he really doesn't exsist.' J.D. and I are engaged and waiting for our 'letter' from SLC so we can move forward with wedding plans. We've been engaged since February 8, 2008. We just got a puppy, her name is Roxy. She's a 6 month old fawn and white english bulldog. She's the end all and be all for us. She's a sweetie.
I'm lucky I met J.D. when I did. Another week and he would have moved to Nashville and camped out on Sarah Evans doorstep until he could convince her to be his. He's what I like to call a keyword short of genius. Let me explian...he knows something about everything and if he doesn't, he's quietly looking it up and becoming an expert. The combination of his ability to retain information and constent seeking for knowledge makes it so he can talk intelligently about every subject. Among friends he is the 'phone a friend' resource right after google. He's also a big sweetheart and a die hard sports fan from baseball to soccer.