Saturday, April 30, 2011


We're pretty much settled in at my parents, where we'll be for the next several months. Bo adjusted pretty quick. He gets excited and runs to the door when my dad or J.D. comes home from work, he's always running upstairs to say hi to 'Grammy' or to chase the cat who lives upstairs. He loves playing with 'Uncle Craiger'. My dad got some new toys for when the grandkids come stay. J.D. put this one together last week and Bo has been breaking it in.

My own child prodigy? His attempt at chopsticks is pretty good for a one year old. I love it when he gets into it and does his Schroder impression.

Hopefully the transition from only child to big brother goes smoothly. We're expecting her debut in the next week or so!


Heather and Shaun said...

I can't believe how big Bo is! I can't wait to see pics of your baby girl! Did you decide on a name yet?

Barker said...

I know Heather, he's a big & tall boy! I like Layla Marie for a girls name.