Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Geography and Lyrics

Two things I'm not good at.
Using the right lyrics and Geography.

Bo's favorite show is Clifford the Big Red Dog. I thought the song went 'So they moved to Vermont....' So when I sing it around the house that's what I say. A week or so ago, J.D. said "They moved to an island, Vermont is inland" I argued that maybe Vermont has islands.

J.D.: "No it doesn't."

Turns out it says "They moved to Birdwell Island"

How I got Vermont, I don't know.

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Matt and Heather said...

Yeah, i wont lie, you're really, really bad at lyrics. But it's entertaining :)
Vermont doesn't have islands? Psh, I guess now you're gonna tell me that Spain isn't under Mexico or that there aren't 57 continents...?