Friday, February 4, 2011

Love don't cost a thing, but music note shirts do.

I fell in love with this shirt J-LO wore on American Idol. But as it turns out,
I'm a huge fan of her style! I love everything she's been wearing to these auditions. The music note shirt is only $290 on sale at

My friend Francine say's I could make a shirt like that, I think she's right. Mine would probably look like a kindergarten project, but I haven't ruled out trying!

On the same ridiculously overpriced website I also found this awesome shirt that say's "Love is in the Hair" - I would totally rock that if it wasn't $425. Nevertheless, words to live by!

I LOVE this color!


Another fave, I love the headband.

This makes me want to go buy a deep purple shirt and play with my make up.

You know you're pretty when you can put all your hair in a bag on top of your head and still look gorgeous. A hair thing like this would totally come in handy for me with all my crazy unruly hair.

I'm gonna go play dress up now.


Shauna said...

Ooohhhhh I am loving the clothes too! As for the head bag. Ya need one for those lazy days;)

Matt and Heather said...

I love them all! Man i wish I could afford a $400 shirt. I still wouldn't spend even $100 on one, but it would be nice to have the option :)
You're making me want to start watching AI.