Sunday, February 6, 2011


Last week my friend De came over to play. She'd bought these Gyro Bowls, they were buy one get one free and she shares because she cares and brought one for me. Coolest bowl ever.
If your kid is anything like mine...

He starts out with his snacks on the table.

Then he picks it up while he's slowing falling into tv trance.

...and within seconds he's totally in TV trance and his bowl his tipping.
But it's SUPER BOWL Sunday everyday around here with this bad boy.

You're Welcome America. And Canada.


Matt and Heather said...

Him is so cute :)
What a great invention! And what a great friend De is.
When Bo is done using that bowl can I borrow it? I spilled my cocoa krispies the other day.

Kristin said...

Best. Bowl. Ever.

Crap. I didn't know they start tv-trancing so young. I need one of those bowls for Todd. He's the worst tv-trancer.